Protesters surround Adam Schiff during event speech

Heated exchanges gave way to physical scuffles at an event held at a Glendale library to honor Congress’ recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

A large group of Trump supporters showed up on Saturday night to protest one of the event’s speakers, Congressman Adam Schiff, who has played a central role in the impeachment hearings. One man reportedly went to the hospital following a minor altercation with a protestor, although he did not sustain serious injuries.

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A man who goes by a pair of pseudonyms on Facebook purported to be one of the protesters. “This was our only chance to show Adam Schiff CA stands with #45!” he posted after the event. “We apologized to the Armenian Community for interrupting the schedule program,” the post adds. We contacted the person manning the Facebook pages, but didn’t get a response.

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The protest began once Schiff took the stage. Only a few minutes into his remarks, protestors began to silently hold up signs reading “Don’t Impeach.” Guests at the event asked them to lower their signs, which they refused to do.

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Then, a woman’s voice broke through the quiet.

“Liar!” she yelled loudly at Schiff.

Schiff continued to speak, unfazed, but as guests shushed the woman, other protestors joined in with the same barb. Schiff made an effort to settle the crowd, repeating “please” with no results. By that point, much of the room was on its feet.

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