It’s official, Dalia al-Aqidi who is a formal White House correspondent from Iraq, has said she felt compelled to run against the Somali-born lawmaker, calling her a divisive figure who has neglected her Minneapolis district for her own selfish reasons. Dalia said Omar is spreading hatred, and she is spreading racism throughout not only her district, not only her state, but throughout the whole country, and this is very important.

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One strength of her candidacy, al-Aqidi said, is that she couldn’t use her background as a Muslim woman refugee to the US as they share the same basic backstory “It’s a very, very important problem in Minneapolis, and it’s getting very cold, omar hasn’t done anything significant for her District ever since.

She continued that Omar has become a problem for the average Muslim, Muslims like herself that Omar doesn’t represent her as a Muslim.

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Al-Aqidi said she would also run on a campaign focused on curbing the gang violence on Minneapolis streets and bringing people together, countering the incendiary, anti-Semitic language which Omar has been criticized for.

She continued that If anyone thinks she is just running to be in Congress, she would have chosen one of smallest districts in Virginia,” she said, “But she chose a battle because she believe in what she is doing, because she believe in the Constitution and she is defending the Constitution against people who are working against this great country America.Let’s do everything to remove Ilhan Omar from office, this is the only way to stop her schemes to destroy America.

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  1. Absolutely get rid of that poison. There tearing the heart from Americans. Don’t forget Obama and Biden and definitely the Clinton’s A o c Get rid of them and Omar. WWG1WGA

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