Over 300,000 signed petition to remove rashida tlaib from congress, a member of the notorious “The Squad” who was questionably elected to our House of Representatives during the November 2018 primary election process.

And Ever since Rep. Tlaib has then she has been a torn in the progress of our great Country, promoting anti-semitism while cheating and lying her through congressShe lied about living in Detroit using her fathers house address, she never lived there. She lived in Dearborn, her father has verified this. If this is not the case os TLAIB Denies we would like proof of her residency in Detroit.

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Her words and actions are unprofessional to say the least using profanity and hate filled rhetoric against our country our citizens and our president ..SHES THE ONE WHO SAID WE ARE GOING TO IMPEACH THIS MOT F€£KER REFERING TO OUR PRESIDENT.Rashida Tlaib is unfit to remain in Congredd to serve in any capacity within our government because of her extreme bias .. the goal of this petition is to gather enough signatures to bring her actions against the United States into public view so that we may initiate an investigation into her background , and end her political

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Photos posted on social media showed Tlaib, 43, sitting in the road outside the airport’s Delta terminal, along with eight other protesters – while a larger group of protesters demonstrated on the sidewalk nearby. Many held signs reading, “One Job Should Be Enough,” as the group called for better wages health coverage.

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At the time Tlaib was a public interest attorney at the Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice, after being term-limited out of the Michigan state legislature.

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