worry about things that you change, not the things that you cannot change

That’s an interesting question and you have a point here. But, when people say that worry about things that can change, what they mean is worry about things that you can control. In other words, things that you can change matter more than things that are out of your control.

Let’s take an example. You have a test tomorrow, but you have not prepared for it. You are worried. But, you realise if you do study for it, there are chances you do well on the test. The control is in your hands. You study for the test because you know you can still prepare for it in less time. You made a change here by taking control of it.

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Now, let’s say you have given the test and are awaiting for the result. You worry about it… get stressed and anxious for the forthcoming result. But, can you do anything about it? Can you get a second chance to complete the missed questions on the test? No. You can’t. Because this is something you cannot do. It’s simply out of your control.

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This is the reason why people say- worry about things that you change, not the things that you cannot change merely because they are out of your reach.

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