How do I fight failures and stress in life?

The origin of stress is in your mind. Without understanding and controlling the mind, it is impossible to eliminate stress, remember that.

Avoid excessive thinking, planning and expecting only perfectionism and idealism in every situation as it will constantly lead to stress. Committing mistakes is quite natural for human beings. There is nothing unusual or criminal in it, so relax, don’t stress yourself.

BREAKING NEWS:  Why am I suffering?

Keep learning from your failures and move forward by overcoming all your barriers, we humans are capable of doing anything.

BREAKING NEWS:  Why am I suffering?

Everyone in this world has their own story of failures. We can’t run away from it and we should not as well.

We all love taste of success, we celebrate it in some of our own ways. It enhances and sharpens our personalities.

BREAKING NEWS:  Why am I suffering?

Similarly failure does the same thing with high intensity; the only thing is we have created useless hype of this word. We’ve portrayed and taken it negatively.


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