Supermodel Chrissy Teigan:’Celebs Should Shut Up & Let Trump Do His Job!’

Many celebrities do, in fact, love and support our President Trump, but, as they work in industries largely run by hateful liberals, they keep quiet about it. Their ability to continue to work may depend on not advertising their conflicting political views.Many in Hollywood and other entertainment hubs have been blacklisted already for expressing their appreciation of the President.

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Tim Allen had his very successful show cancelled. Roseanne was fired. Other producers and directors have been snubbed from any and all projects.Models are also affected, with many being denied contracts and runway jobs.

One that is likely to now be added to the “do not hire” list is supermodel Crissy Teigan.Teigan voted for Trump but kept that on the down low as many of those who would hire her were very vocal about their opposition to Trump’s ideas and policies. So she enjoyed his successes quietly, content in seeing how he was making America great again. But after seeing the many others in entertainment speak of him so shabbily, she’s had enough.At a modelling event on Morocco, Teigan decided that the time had come to defend the leader she had chosen. While being interviewed on the red carpet, she broke from her script of usual pleasantries to say:

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