VOTE for the USA Constitution .. or Morals rights and values.. VOTE Conservative from the top down. VOTE TRUMP PENCE 2020.. Do NOT vote for any candidate indicating free stuff ..NOTHING is FREE. YOU/WE will end up paying for the ‘free stuff’ with much much higher taxes.. Do not act like a PIG .. remember pigs love the FREE slop they are given .. until slaughter day.

According to a new poll released by the New York Times, President Donald Trump is in a statistical tie with former Vice President Joe Biden and is beating Senator Elizabeth Warren in the majority of battleground states.

Democrats were hoping to silence Rudy by arresting two of his acquaintances but no such luck.


I call BS. Biden couldn’t beat Trump in any state, and for the rest of them, they are just a joke. Why do you think the DemocRATs in congress are in the basement plotting their evil? They know no one can beat our President, and the majority of Americans stand behind him. Can they pack a stadium like he did in KY tonight? 2nd largest stadium in the country. Packed. They can’t pack a town hall.

On Wednesday night Rudy posted a string of tweets warning Democrat that the Truth will Emerge on the deep pattern of corruption.Rudy did not hold back.Dems are covering up because it’s bigger than you think!Rudy Giuliani: Frenzied Dems propose impeachment based on @realDonaldTrump acting under Art 2, sec III of our Constitution, asking for an investigation of serious crime committed in 2016 that did great damage to US and Ukraine.

BREAKING NEWS:  President's approval rises, support for impeachment drops in new poll

What this means is that the President is in a statistical tie with Biden in all battleground states except for North Carolina.

Check out what the Daily Wire reported

That’s probably not surprising news for the Trump camp, which has been publicly attacking Warren — and not necessarily Biden — of late, perhaps hoping that Democrats perceive Warren as Trump’s top threat. Biden, for all his faults, has a comfortable presence in “blue” and battleground states with a high percentage of middle class

BREAKING NEWS:  Democrats squirm for cover as Senate fails to impeach trump

and working class voters, and he shares Trump’s message of economic populism, which resonated heavily with that demographic in 2016.Biden has long been thought to be the biggest challenge for Trump among the potential 2020 nominees — and “establishment” Democrats have been preparing Biden’s coronation for quite some time.

Biden has had a rough time on the campaign trail considering he suffers from embarrassing gaffes and misstatements almost every campaign event, which is why Democrats are beginning to push for Warren as the Democratic nominee.

Trump will win come 2020 by a lot bigger margin than before. People are so tired of the dirty politics and corruption. The dems have done nothing the last three years except resist and try to remove a duly elected president. The dems will lose in the house and senate both big time

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