Protesters rally for Trump and Israel in huge numbers ahead of Ilhan Omar’s South Florida stop

Pro-Trump bikers, truck-mounted signs and flags waved through an already bustling corner of Coral Springs on Saturday.Some from the crowd of about 100 were there to protest a visit from U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, who was scheduled to talk at an event just down the road. Others were angry about impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

Omar, the freshman Democrat from Minnesota, was in South Florida to headline a fundraising banquet for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim-American civil rights group also known as CAIR.A handful of those who showed up on Saturday were activists protesting Omar’s meeting with CAIR, and claimed the group had ties to the terrorist organization Hamas.

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she replied to a story about House Republicans taking action against her criticism of Israel with, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby.” The tweet drew wide bipartisan criticism and Omar later apologized.“We believe that that’s way beyond criticism of Israel,” Kaufman said.Some protesters held signs condemning Democrats. Others waved “Trump 2020” banners. Kaufman said his cause was calling out bigotry.“I think that’s been unfortunately affecting the left wing and I think, yes, on the right there is an issue with bigotry within the white supremacist movement,” he said.

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He was part of a group that spoke at the rally along with Hallandale Commissioner Annabelle Lima-Taub, who drew criticism after accusing Rashida Tlaib, another Muslim-born Congresswoman, of anti-Semitism and claimed she might “blow up Congress.”Also on the roster were conservative radio talk-show host Joyce Kaufman, Palm Beach County GOP chair Michael Barnett, director of the Kashmir Hindu Foundation Deepak Ganju, and conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer, who is now running for Congress.

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