Hillary and her daughter Chelsea are on a media tour promoting their new book “Gutsy Women.” The two found Noah’s question amusing as they laughed with the audience. “You’re not in power, but you have all the power. I really need to understand how you do what you do because you seem to be behind everything nefarious, and, yet, you do not use it to become president. What is the game plan?” Noah asked.“Honestly, what does it feel like being the boogeyman of the right?” he continued.“It’s a constant surprise to me because the things they say, and, now, of course it’s on steroids with being online, are so ridiculous beyond any imagination that I could have and yet, they are so persistent in putting forth these crazy ideas and theories,” Hillary said.“Honestly, I don’t know what I ever did to get them so upset, but a lot of them live to come up with these conspiracy theories, and, you know, I’ve gotten kind of used to it. It’s been going on for a number of years.” she added.

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Questions still remain however, about Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Earlier this week, Dr. Michael Baden, a famous forensic expert and a former New York City medical examiner, told “Fox & Friends” his investigation indicated strong evidence of “homicidal strangulation.”“Those three fractures are extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation,” Baden said.For More, Watch:

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