Minnesota Congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar shared a story of a 9-month-old infant who almost died from a respiratory virus and how he was not covered by president Trump’s Medicaid. In sharing the story, Congress woman Ilhan Omar claimed that the child died.

The Minnesota Congresswoman said in a tweet on Thursday that the child’s Death was directly a result of president Trump’s cuts to Medicaid and CHIP. Ilhan Omar continued that He is one of a millions of children to lose healthcare. As a result of Trump’s actions.

The Times’ article paints a fearful account of rising rate of failed insurance among eligible Medicaid families because of the amendment to paperwork

requirements and the fear of deportation, and implies shifts in policy under the Trump administration are behind the decreasing enrolment rates across America. Karen Johnson, the boy’s mother, told The Times that she went to the E.R. thinking he had insurance. If the receptionist had not seen him turning blue, she might have just said that ‘He’s not covered, so he can’t be attended to.

’The nine-month old boy was taken to the intensive care unit (ICU) for a respiratory virus, treated successfully, and was later discharged and certified strong abd healthy.It was also reported that the child’s mother tried to re-enroll her older children earlier this year, was asked for proof of income but she missed the 10-day window that she was supposed to provide it;

that may be why Texas dropped Elijah from Medicaid even though he qualified because he was just a baby.

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But based on current report All of her children are now re-enrolled in the Medicaid Programme.

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