Trump won’t lose his job due to impeachment – Dems will have hard time beating him in 2020

President Trump wowed the crowd in blue-state Minnesota. And what a crowd it was; tens of thousands inside the arena chanting and cheering, while hundreds more stood outside hoping to get in.

The energy in the room was extraordinary, especially considering that the president, buoyed by his fans, spoke for an exhausting hour and 45 minutes.A Message from Comparisons.orgNew Rule in North Bergen,

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NJDrivers With No Tickets In 3 Years Are In For A Big SurpriseSee MoreForget the polls, forget the partisan impeachment inquiry; the enthusiasm of those Minnesota supporters reminds us how powerful Trump is on the campaign trail and how lackluster Democratic candidates look in comparison.

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Trump’s enduring popularity with Republicans reminds us, too, that GOP senators would be committing political suicide if they voted to toss the president from office in an impeachment trial. They won’t do it.

How does President Trump excite his supporters? It’s his authenticity. Democrats will mock that claim. They protest that Trump lies and exaggerates; they fact-check his speeches and burrow in on discrepancies, but they miss the big picture.

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President Trump famously goes “off-script” at such gatherings, and sometimes the results are painful. Saying Biden “kissed Obama’s ass” was vulgar; Trump should not have gone there.

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