Omar’s Scandal Provokes Curious Investigation Into Her Marital History

Representative Ilhan Omar’s relationship with political consultant Tim Mynett shouldn’t be surprising as the congresswoman has a curious marital history exposed by the media,

who argued in a series of articles published last year that Omar married her brother to commit student loan and immigration fraud.Of course,

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just as Omar denies a romance with Mynett, she also denies any shenanigans with the multiple marriages before Mynett entered her life.Omar’s husband, Ahmed Hirsi, is reportedly citing a divorce today,


after he found that his wife has been unfaithful. It’s about time for state and federal authorities to figure out just how shady the Somali refugee is.

Those papers show that Omar lied during divorce proceedings in 2017, Fox News reported, when she claimed not to have had contact with Elmi since 2011. Photos on social media show the two together in 2014.

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