Ilhan Omar Comes Under Fire After Horrifying Attack On A White Man In Her District

group of Somali’s in @Ilhan Omar’s district we’re caught brutally beating & robbing a man. This is the latest in a string of violent robberies by Somali gangs. And For obvious reasons, the mainstream media has largely ignored this latest brutal hate crime.


Conservative author and commentator Pam Geller didn’t let Omar off the hook either. She posted the video and linked to a piece on her website about Somali Americans joining gangs.

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More than a dozen people were arrested for the brutal beating.“According to a report provided by Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder, a three-day sweep conducted two weeks ago ended with police arresting 16 people between the ages of 13 and 25,” KSTP said. “The suspects are seen on surveillance video punching, kicking and riding over one man with a bike.”

The report said that Minneapolis has seen a striking 53% increase in this type of robbery since last year, coinciding with the election of Omar. Police are on the lookout for similar gangs preying on sole victims and stealing their smartphones.

Omar has not commented on the gang robbery issue, and has failed to acknowledge the video which was linked on Drudge Report, and has more than 1.5 million views on the Twitter account where it was originally posted.

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