Revealed: How Ilhan Omar Used Campaign Strategy To Syphon Money To Her Lover.

The New York Post revealed that a high profile divorce case was reported on Monday. Specifically, a lady stated in court, documents that her spouse was cheating on her with a lady, which was revealed to be the Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Omar’s alleged paramour, Tim Mynett, was a fundraising consultant for Omar’s 2018 and 2020 campaigns.

Omar has not commented on the charges, but there is a possible second scandal involving more than $200,000 invested by her campaign with Mynett’s company.


Of the $145,406 reported by the E Street Group during the 2018 campaign cycle, $62,674 came from Omar’s campaign.

E Street Group not counting salary taxes and transfers to the Democratic Party of Minnesota, was Omar’s second-largest supplier, according to FEC information.

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In contrast to the rules of the FEC, Omar’s filings did not determine whether its E Street Group disbursements (or any of its disbursements) were for the primary election or for the general election.

However the Campaign payments to the E Street Group, often referred to as “fundraising consulting” charges for its FEC filings, accelerated in the 2020 cycle. Her campaign spent 160,000 dollars on E Street this year, a year off campaign.

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From Labor Day to the end of the year, E Street Group spent more than 10% of its campaign (not including transfers to other campaigns).

The overwhelming majority of Omar’s resources spent on the E Street Group were paid out after winning the disputed main and completely non-competitive general election race in its D+26 district

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