Federal Court Just Released Additional Discovery On Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

Prior to this newly released discoveries we had received reports that Hilary Clinton was subpoenaed by the Federal Court, but now the Court just released additional discovery and witnesses to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Judicial Watch was in court on Thursday battling to force Hillary Clinton to answer her private server questions under oath.Judge Royce Lamberth, who was appointed by Reagan on Thursday gave a supplementary discovery to Judicial Watch,

and Hillary Clinton has 30 days to respond under oath.Judicial Watch has four more months to conduct the discovery that Judge Lamberth just granted them, according to JW Attorney Ramona CotcaTom Fitton revealed that the Court provided Judicial Watch extra information and wine”SHAKE THE TREE” on Clinton’s freshly discovered prospective email trove.


Gives Mrs. Clinton 30 days to oppose our application for her to be questioned under oath.Judicial Watch has been instrumental in the case against Hilary, if you would recall it was Judicial Watch that broke the tale of Hillary’s private server wide open through their FOIA litigation and has been aggressively pursuing this case ever since.As earlier reported in December,

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Judge Royce Lamberth ordered the dismissal of senior Obama administration officials, including attorneys and Clinton State Department assistants, and they replied to written issues under oath.The tribunal instructed the discovery in three particular fields: whether the use of a personal email server by Secretary Clinton was designed to stymie FOIA,

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secondly whether the intention of the State Department to settle this case at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 was bad faith.

Thirdly, whether the State Department had properly searched documents in response to the request of Judicial Watch. Judicial Watch has deposed nearly a dozen witnesses and will seek additional witnesses and documents from the court.

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