He Should Be Ashamed Of Himself!” President Trump DESTROYS James Comey

The IG report 100% demonstrates that President Trump was absolutely correct in firing James Comey.

Comey is a liar and has done significant damage to the reputation of the FBI.He should be ashamed of himself! President Trump goes odd On Thursday shortly after the release of the DOJ Inspector General report that confirmed fired FBI Director James Comey frequently broke FBI rules. “

Perhaps never in the history of our Country has someone been more thoroughly disgraced and excoriated than James Comey in the just released Inspector General’s Report. He should be ashamed of himself!” Trump said in a tweet.

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President Trump wasn’t the only one to hammer Comey.“By leaking his confidential communications with the President in an attempt to save face in the wake of his firing, Mr. Comey believed he was above the rules of the DOJ,

said Representative Jim Jordan. “His actions were disgraceful and part of a wider effort within the Obama Justice Department to undermine President Trump.

The Inspector Generals report goes into great detail about all the rules that Comey broke in order to turn the American people on President Donald Trump. Although Comey clearly broke the law, the Department of Justice decided to let him off the hook. Not surprising considering everyone who identifies as apart of the Left seems to get away with their crimes.“

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Comey’s actions with respect to the Memos violated Department and FBI policies concerning the retention, handling, and dissemination of FBI records and information, and violated the requirements of Comey’s FBI Employment Agreement,”

says the report.One of the most damning pieces of the report was when it stated that Comey set a “dangerous example” for people of the FBI by trying to “achieve a personally desired outcome.”

The report goes on to state that Comey “violated Department and FBI policies, and the terms of his FBI Employment Agreement, by retaining copies of Memos 2, 4, 6, and 7 after he was removed as Director, regardless of each Memo’s classification level.”

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DOJ IG “found no evidence that Comey or his attorneys released any of the classified information contained in any of the memos to members of the media.

” I don’t need a public apology from those who defamed me, but a quick message with a “sorry we lied about you” would be nice,” he wrote on Twitter.

James Comey has done significant damage to the United states, Thank you presdident Trump


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