Stop the coup Now’: Protests across UK over Johnson’s suspension of parliament

Speaking of the decision to prorogue, she said: “I feel like we’ve been expecting this for a while but I didn’t think he would make such a brutal move that showed such a disregard for our parliamentary procedures.”She added:

“I think what he has done is unite parts of the country who don’t support a no-deal and his form of process that is denying democracy.”Jane Keane, 54, said she had been protesting every day since Michael Gove announced the government

would start making preparations for a no-deal. “It is a complete contradiction to what parliament has said three times. They’ve said no deal is unacceptable. My understanding is parliament is sovereign not Boris Johnson.”

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Within hours of Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament, impromptu protests were being held in major city centres across the country, including in front of the Palace of Westminster in central London.Demonstrations were scheduled to be held from late afternoon onwards in areas including Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Cambridge, Brighton, Durham, Milton Keynes and Chester.

Protesters gathered at Commons Green, just outside Parliament, and marched towards Downing Street. Organisers claimed the crowd numbered in the thousands.


She said she did not have a history of activism , but as someone who has recently survived cancer she was terrified of the impact a no-deal Brexit will have on medical supplies.

Michael Chessum, the national organiser for Another Europe is Possible, said: “Today’s protest was huge and exceeded all expectations. We got thousands at four hours’ notice. We cannot rely on the judiciary or parliamentary process to save democracy – we need a mass movement of protest and civil disobedience.”

Andrew Lake, a 23-year-old actor, carried a sign that read: “Call this a democracy?” He said: “I’m here today to save democracy. I’m not entirely surprised when he [Johnson] suspended parliament. I have been expecting it to happen. The fact it was expected doesn’t make it any less of an outrage.”Lake said he was fearful the country was heading towards no deal and called for article 50 to be extended or revoked.Emma Cooper, 28, a teaching assistant, said:

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“I feel absolutely livid. I haven’t been to a protest for a long time … What’s happening in this country and the rightwing shift around the world is really worrying. I think Brexit is xenophobia extended to a bigger level.”

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