Feds summons 20 officers at NYC prison where Jeffrey Epstein Died

About 20 policemen in the federal prison in Manhattan, where Jeffrey Epstein murdered himself were summoned. Federal investigators requested the grand jury’s summon all officers linked to the death of Jeffrey Epstein at the Correctional Centre in New York according to CNN.

Two guardsmen who were tasked with watching Epstein are of particular interest to investigators. The pair, who have been placed on leave, are suspected to have fallen asleep on the job when Epstein died.Attorney General William Barr ordered the FBI and the Justice Department’s inspector general to investigate both Epstein’s Aug. 10 suicide, as well as his previous attempt on July 23, when he was found nearly unconscious on his cell floor with marks on his neck.

The 66-year-old millionaire, a convicted sex offender who was awaiting trial for child sex trafficking and conspiracy charges, was found unresponsive in his cell in the special housing unit after being taken off suicide watch. The New York City medical examiner’s office officially ruled Epstein’s death a suicide on Friday following an autopsy.

He appeared to have tied a bedspray to the top of a bunk bed and then moved toward the floor with enough force to break a bone in his neck.Numerous reports have emerged about guards not being properly trained,

doing overtime shifts multiple days in a row, falling asleep on the job, and potentially falsifying records about how often Epstein was being checked Barr told reporters in Dallas on Wednesday that his investigation is moving “expeditiously” and expects to report his findings soon to both Congress and the public.

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