Liberals Enraged as the BBC ‘Gives a Platform’ to ‘SMART’ Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro cut short an interview with British conservative Andrew Neil on the BBC show Politics Live. Neil was extremely hostile to Shapiro, but that is the style of his show. Shapiro apologized for going on the show unprepared, and people got a good laugh at the man who’s famous for saying, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” Yet some liberals voiced a very strange complaint about the episode: They attacked the BBC for “giving” Ben Shapiro “a platform.””BBC made fringe electoral failure Nigel Farage into a household name by giving him a seat in every debate programme (while elected decent people like [Caroline Lucas] got sidelined). Now a day after claiming virtue when sacking Danny Baker it gives a platform to Ben Shapiro,” Will Black, an anthropological journalist with HuffPost, tweeted.


Calling Shapiro “to the right of Hitler,” Black added, “Giving platforms to extremists like Ben Shapiro isn’t justified just because they make a fool of themselves. Far-right fans often don’t even notice that and if they do it just ramps up the victim status. All the whole thing does is spread the virus and make it seem normal.”

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“I’m really not one for BBC-bashing, but having someone as openly, proudly prejudiced as Ben Shapiro on Politics Live is a terrible error of judgement,” The Guardian’s Peter Walker tweeted

“I have today decided to turn off the BBC, a broadcaster I’ve long enjoyed & appreciated. Nevertheless, it’s unconscionable that I support with my viewership a broadcaster that provides carte blanche platforms to Tommy Robinson, Steve Bannon, Ben Shapiro, Douglas Murray, Nigel Farage,” Adam Walker, a HuffPost commentator and Ph.D. candidate in Islamic history, announced on Twitter.

Lori Witham also threatened to drop the show because Neil agreed to “to normalize Ben Shapiro.” She tweeted, “This is who you promote on your show. As a viewer since day one, if you continue to normalize Ben Shapiro I will be done forever. He diminished a womenโ€™s right to body autonomy, demeans Jewish people who disagree with him & stereotypes groups of people.”

The sad thing is that a State-sponsored outlet like the BBC gave the whiny little fascist any platform at all,” Michael Salamone, a podcaster with 17,000 followers on Twitter, said of Shapiro.My understanding is that Andrew Neil is one of the UK’s most conservative TV “news” men. Ben Shapiro’s meltdown shows he’s fringe by any standard. The sad thing is that a State-sponsored outlet like the BBC gave the whiny little fascist any platform at all.โ€” Michael Salamone (@MichaelSalamone) May 10, 2019″Truly unbelievable Ben Shapiro is on BBC’s Politics Live. He believes most Muslims are radical, is a vile racist about Arabs & his Twitter was visited by the far-right Quebec terrorist 93 times in the month before the shooting Vile Islamophobia clearly not a barrier for being on,” Miqdaad Versi, spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, tweeted.

The BBC says it’s giving Ben Shapiro a platform because he has millions of followers on social media. In 2010 Shapiro tweeted: “Israelis like to build. Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage,” journalist Hyder Abbasi, formerly with Al Jazeera, tweeted.

On Twitter, Shapiro conceded defeat but had fun with Neil. “[Andrew Neil] DESTROYS Ben Shapiro! So that’s what that feels like ๐Ÿ˜‰ Broke my own rule, and wasn’t properly prepared. I’ve addressed every single issue he raised before; see below. Still, it’s Neil 1, Shapiro 0.”


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