What racism?

The only rascim is coming from the left. Do they even know the meaning of racism? It’s Racist when the left says it is, whatever Trump says now is Racist because the left has levelled it such. Which is why Ben Shapiro pointed out to Don Lemon during his daily podcast Wednesday of being overtly left-leaning, before telling him to drop the facade and join the other presidential candidates on stage.

“Don Lemon, who is just … the worst Democrat debate facilitator ever — he’s just terrible because he should be on the stage,” Shapiro said. “If he actually wants to run, he should just run. “What do you say to those Trump voters who prioritize the economy over the president’s bigotry?” Lemon asked.Shapiro responded by saying the CNN host is “awful at his job” and shouldn’t be considered a true member of the press.

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“Don Lemon is terrible,” he said. “Let me just point out that Don Lemon and CNN who helped moderate this debate is awful at his job. The fact that he is considered an objective journalist is ridiculous … it’s just insane.” Don Lemon is fine calling Trump voters racist,” Shapiro added.

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What journalism[sic] from Don Lemon. What a great, objective journalist he is. CNN, the most trusted name in news. What a joke.”Four years ago, Democrats came up with a new and untested political theory: They could win the White House, their strategist promised, if only they called enough people racist.That was the plan.

Don Lemon isn’t dumb because he’s gay. He’s not dumb because he’s black. He’s not dumb because he’s a liberal. No no no… Don Lemon is dumb because if you’ve ever spent more than 30 seconds watching him on TV, he’s dumb because he thinks he’s bi-partisan on a need network that claims they’re “fair and balanced”Like a spoiled child throughing a tantrum when he can’t get what he wants or can’t win a argument. Really!! The race thing is getting so bored. Can’t they do a good debate that really captures the world’s attention. This is really so board. Not even getting excited to hear from America anymore. Same boring stuff.

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