took two years and a lot of dollars for Russia meddling in the 2016 election to end, yet here is AOC with something that looks more probable than the Russian collusion and nobody is investigating that.The Democrats are bent on bringing down President Trump and they will go to any length to achieve that, including “breaking laws” to do that.“

If the Federal Election Commission finds that the New York Democrat’s campaign operated in affiliation with the PAC, which had raised more than $1.8 million before her June 2018 primary, it would open them up to “massive reporting violations, probably at least some illegal contribution violations exceeding the lawful limits,” former FEC Commissioner Brad Smith said.

Former Republican FEC Commissioner Hans von Spakovsky told The Daily Caller“If the facts as alleged are true, and a candidate had control over a PAC that was working to get that candidate elected, then that candidate is potentially in very big trouble and may have engaged in multiple violations of federal campaign finance law

including receiving excessive contributionsSending AOC to jail won’t be enough, she might have to go back to her country and enjoy the socialism she intends to bring to the United States. Five years in prison might end her political career but will that be enough to stop her?In my previous post, in an attempt to shame president Trump for trying to secure the American border, she ignorantly blamed former President Barack Obama for Concentration Camps, this obviously didn’t go well with her fans and the conservative community, she received series of backlash, but that didn’t stop her.

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Many Americans are already angry that Ocasio-Cortez will be in Congress for a while, that is why a group of angry mob decided to protest and demand her deportation as she is seen as an America-hating mani*c.

will be July 4th again if FEC continue their investigation and comes up with an arrest warrant for her, that will be “Joy Unspeakable” for most, but in light of this,Smith, a Republican said;At a minimum, there’s a lot of smoke there, and if there are really only three board members and she and [Chakrabarti] are two of them,

sure looks like you can see the blaze, I don’t really see any way out of it.May a few more protests would do or ultimately voting her out of Congress with her puppy Ilhan Omar and their godmother Nancy Pelosi, but she must go either in CHAINS or in BALLOT boxes. One way or another she has overstayed her welcome.


  1. It upsets me that after being so detailed in your story you screwed up one very important fact, a simple to research piece of information. AOC, as much as I hate to admit it is Puerto Rican same as I am. Which means she is an American citizen just like me and anyone born on the island or here. PR has been an American possession, territory, commonwealth, pick a term, since the Spanish American war. She can’t be DEPORTED!!! That’s like deporting someone from Texas back to Alaska. Is she stupid??? Blame Boston College and her patrons at the bar. You should know better.

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