Minnesota rep demands an investigation into Ilhan Omar

State Representative Steve Drazkowski is calling for the House Committee on Ethics to investigate Omar. Drazkowski led the call for a State Campaign Finance Board investigation, which revealed earlier this month that Omar filed joint tax returns with her partner while married to someone else. That revelation has fueled a new wave of attacks on Omar over her martial history.

Drazkowski is also demanding that Omar’s Democratic colleague, Congresswoman Angie Craig, seeks Omar’s removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “Minnesota deserves better,” he said. “America demands more.”

my congresswoman,” Drazkowski said. The state Campaign Finance board found earlier this month that Omar violated campaign finance regulations. Omar has agreed repay more than $3,000. The investigation also found Omar filed joint taxes with her partner Ahmed Hirsi, the father of her three children, while she was still legally married to a man named Ahmed Elmi. Omar has repeatedly denied unsubstantiated reports that Elmi is her brother and that she married him for immigration purposes. Drazkowski says the issue is unresolved. He said, “The people of Minnesota and the people of America can find answers to what appears to be a sham marriage

Omar did not respond to our request for comment. She has suggested before that continuing to comment on false accusations only gives them credibility.What do you think? Leave a comment below


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