Obama’s administration did so much, using all weapons in it’s arsenal to protect Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State perpetrated so many crimes, using the state department as her personal slush fund. Hillary Clinton had enormous protection from Democrats and Obama’s administration, most likely due to the fact she still had ambition of still running for office, which she did in 2016 and lost to President Donald Trump.

New reports reveals that Obama’s White House have been holding onto a mountain of Hillary Clinton’s emails, which we believe contains details about the Clinton’s foundation pay-for-play scandal.According to patriotjournal ” from Washington Examiner ‘A former top FBI official said a repository of Hillary Clinton’s email was obtained by Obama White House. … Bill Priestap was asked… to identify representatives of Clinton, her state department staff, and government agencies from which “email repositories were obtained” by the FBI.’
He divulged a nonexhaustive list which includes the executive office of the President. … For years President Trump has said that those 33,000 emails Clinton deleted were somewhere.”

TRENDING:  Federal Court Just Released Additional Discovery On Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

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