Popular Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after paying  a visit to the White House on April 23, called Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar about the death threats that had been made against her on Twitter following a post by President Trump himself.

Ilhan Omar has been the target of a stream of ‘mean’ comments on Twitter.

As she said in a statement posted on Twitter, “Since the President’s tweet… I have experienced an increase in direct threats on my life—many directly referencing or replying to the President’s video.”

We are all Americans. This is endangering lives. It has to stop.

— Rep. Ilhan Omar (@Ilhan) April 15, 2019

Now, According to a Washington Post report, Dorsey stood by his decision not to pull Trump’s tweet—

a video that combined a controversial phrase from Omar’s speech at a Council on Islamic Relations banquet with footage of the attacks on the Twin Towers.

President Trump captioned it all with: “NEVER FORGET.”

Twitter’s refusal to take down Trump’s video tweet—which has been posted elsewhere across the Internet—has spurred leftist protests against the company.

The Women’s March has launched a petition asking Twitter and Facebook to suspend President Trump’s accounts and is threatening to protest at Twitter’s upcoming stockholder meeting.

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  1. Omar has put her own life in danger! Not President Trump!! Some people did something!! Yes her Muslim brothers and sisters done this to our country. She has no business being anywhere in our government let alone Congress. She needs to be fired and her citizenship revoked !! She is the opposite of what America needs she is a terrorist !!!

  2. President Trump’s tweeter account should NOT be tampered with due to his video. Rep Imar is the one who made the statements and Trump simple shared her own comments. As far as any threats against Omar it is her comments that caused that not anyone one else. 9/11 comments where absolutely uncalled for as well as other remarks that she continues to make. Perhaps Omar’s account should be closed. At least she couldn’t spread more insensitive comments online.

    MAGA President Trump who stands for America and NOT against it.

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