LEAKED DOCUMENT: AOC GOP Challenger ‘Right wing stella’ Just Revealed Huge Secrete About Her in Recent Interview, See What She Said

Thursday night, a Leftist who has plans to challenge Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in 2020 started off hitting hard, asserting,

“AOC — All Out Crazy — wants to establish a new Soviet Republic.”AOC’s Republican challenger calls her All Out Crazy.

Producer speaks better Spanish than she does, and fears neither garbage disposals nor doorbells. ⁦@RichValdes⁩ for Congress!


— Bart Marcois (@bmarcois) June 7, 2019Rich Valdes, who is now working as a producer for The Mark Levin Show and formerly was an ally to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie,

pulled no punches as he spoke at Queens Village Republican Club, stating, “AOC – All Out Crazy – wants to establish a new Soviet Republic and she’s failing serious because I’ve not heard of any disciple recorded .

believe in capitalism over socialism. Her misguided policies don’t represent the district.

She’s great at fundraising but not at constituent services. Ask around, most constituents don’t think climate change is a number one issue .”

According to a website for Valdes’ exploratory committee, Valdes worked in the New Jersey Office of Family & Community Partnerships in 2011; in 2017 Christie appointed Valdes to serve as an advisor to the State’s Center for Hispanic Policy Research & Development.

Prior to that he worked with Somerset Christian College president Dr. David E. Schroeder, who stated:Although Rich Valdes has been Admissions Director for Somerset Christian College for less than a year, he has demonstrated the qualities and work performance that I expect, which is a high level of excellence.

Most remarkably, Rich has turned a stagnant culture of low energy and achievement into a highly motivated and successful team.Please leave a comment bellow 👇👇

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