The Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris joined CNN’s Jake Tapper Sunday for a wide-ranging interview about trade, impeachment, the Mueller report, gun control, health care, immigration, and more.Tapper asked about her support for Medicare For All and her call in a January town hall on CNN that she supports “eliminating” the private health insurance industry.“That’s not what I meant!” Harris said.But what she said afterwards did not clarify anything she instead made the whole thing worst.She said : “I support Medicare for all but I really do need to clear up what happened on that stage,” she said. “It was in the context of saying let’s get rid of all the bureaucracy.Below is the conversation between her and TAPPER..TAPPER: I want to ask you about something you said that night.You said on stage with me in January that, when it comes to private insurance — quote — “Let’s eliminate all of that. Let’s move on.”HARRIS: Yes.TAPPER: Now, you later said we don’t need to get rid of all private insurance.So…HARRIS: But let’s clear that up. Wait. Jake, OK.TAPPER: Which is — which is it, exactly?HARRIS: When we were together…TAPPER: Yes.

HARRIS: And you will remember — and roll the tape, please.TAPPER: Yes, we can roll the tape.HARRIS: That…TAPPER: Well, you support the Bernie Sanders bill, which essentially gets rid of insurance.HARRIS: I support Medicare for all, but I really do need to clear up what happened on that stage.TAPPER: Yes, OK.HARRIS: It was in the context of saying, let’s get rid of all the bureaucracy. Let’s get all of the waste…

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TAPPER: Oh, not the insurance companies?HARRIS: No. That’s not what I meant. I know it was interpreted that way.If you watch the tape, I think you’ll see that there are obviously many interpretations of what I said. What I meant is, let’s get rid of the bureaucracy.As it relates to Medicare…


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